Eurogroup Consulting x The Matcha Initiative – Circularise! A Circular Economy Collage

Sky Bar 25, Pernod Ricard Singapore, 6 Battery Road, 049909, Singapore
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A fun and educational workshop using collective intelligence to explain and inspire.

The Circular Economy Collage is a collaborative 3-hour workshop that looks at our existing (linear) economic model, highlights its impacts and invites you to explore a different, circular model, that uses fewer resources, designs out waste and respects the limits of our planet.

In small groups, participants use a systems approach to explore our existing linear economy, with the help of a set of cards explaining and illustrating the key aspects. Then, armed with this new perspective, the group brainstorms ideas to shift away from the current model towards a more sustainable, circular one. Participants leave the workshop inspired and with tangible actions that are accessible to everyone.

  • Understand: Discover the limits and impacts of our linear system

  • Share: Discuss and share knowledge, experience and reactions with the group

  • Circularise! Explore ideas and examples to transform our linear model into a circular one


Terms and Conditions: Exclusive event

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