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The OVAL Partnership: The Kampong Port Cities of Pre-Colonial Era

Fort Canning Centre (MainAtrium), 5 Cox Terrace,, 179620, Singapore
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The exhibition immerses you in the Kampong Cities of 14th-century Southeast Asia, where trees are valued above land and knowledge is the key to wealth

As part of the Singapore Night Festival, The OVAL Partnership is hosting The Lost Cities Series: The Kampong Port Cities of Pre-Colonial Era. With the diverse culture of many great port cities including Aceh, Kedah, Malacca and Singapore, the exhibition focuses on the sustainability of the Kampong port cities and helps imagine our future home.

The Lost Cities Exhibition immerses you in a reimagining of Kampong Cities of 14th-century Southeast Asia. Guided by the visionary female Chief Esah, experience a fictional tale of sustainable culture and livelihoods set in the pre-colonial era, and unearth wisdom rooted in real history for the continued development of our modern society.


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