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Aden Group partnered with Shanghai Roots & Shoots on The Million Tree Project

ADEN GROUP is proud to be partnering with Shanghai Roots & Shoots on The Million Tree Project. In the coming months, Aden will be donating funds at the corporate level and also making it easy for Aden employees to redirect a small portion of their monthly salary towards planting one (or more) trees in Inner Mongolia, one of the provinces most impacted by deforestation.

Aden know that every contribution counts. Even one tree can absorb 22 kg of C02 in a year, and create air polution control that's been estimated at an equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars. As a Group based in and focused on Asia, where deforestation has been especially problematic, they are committed to working with NGOs, local governments and other private sector groups to reforest the region and take any additional steps we can towards decarbonization and climate action. 

SOURCE : Aden Group


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