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Alfa Tech’s Seed Bank Singapore Project Awarded SG Mark 2020

In April 2020, the National Seed Bank of Singapore was awarded the Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) 2020 under the category of Sustainable Design.

The Seed Bank of Singapore includes 10,000 square feet of renovation work encompassing the complete restoration of a heritage building, construction of laboratories, dry room, cold room, office space, construction of a new lift,  an interpretative space for visitors, and a total fire safety upgrade of the building.

When Sustainability goes Hand in Hand with Reusing

The Seed Bank was built by repurposing a heritage building in the Singapore Botanical Garden instead of building a new facility from scratch. It demonstrates the possibility of repurposing existing infrastructures and buildings through careful planning, design, and construction, and it can breathe new life into them.

We are thankful for this award recognizing the integration of critical engineering solutions into a heritage building while preserving its legacy.

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