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APRIL International Care offers 24/7 teleconsultation service to their members during the 2019-nCoV outbreak

As the number of 2019-nCoV cases continues to rise in Singapore and throughout the world, health insurance provider APRIL International Care is committed to support their insured members by providing them with free and unlimited medical advice via their insurance app, Easy Claim. 

SINGAPORE, February 6th 2020 — All APRIL members across the region can now benefit from a 24/7 teleconsultation service on their Easy Claim app and receive free and unlimited medical advice from over 50,000 licensed healthcare practitioners based around the world.

To provide this high-quality service, APRIL International Care partnered with Teladoc Health, a global virtual care provider serving 35 million members in more than 130 countries and in 30 languages.

Offering peace of mind to our members

Our members can get in touch with our medical practitioners to receive medical guidance about:

  • CoV symptoms 
  • How to protect their health better during the outbreak
  • What to do in case of symptoms 

If they are feeling unwell, they can also discuss their condition and symptoms with our team of doctors to find out whether it could possibly be related to 2019-nCoV. If the case is suspect, an in-person physical medical consultation will then be strongly advised.

A service accessible in one click

APRIL members can access this service anywhere, anytime through Easy Claim. All they have to do is send a request on the app and a licensed physician will call them back on their mobile within 3 hours.


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