ARTELIA - Applying new technologies to the challenges of Vietnamese cities

In Hanoi, Masteri West Heights* project (developed by Masterise Homes**) plan has been set up. It aims to integrate solutions based on new technologies to improve local urban life. The solution provided is focused on the development of an efficient, competitive, innovative and transparent urban ecosystem. Artelia Vietnam is a stakeholder in this development. Our teams are in charge of project management and supervision of the construction of buildings of Masteri West Heights project. In Vietnam, "Smart Cities" plan has been set up and aims to integrate solutions from new technologies to address the obsolescence and limitations of urban infrastructure. The plan is scheduled to run until 2030, and Hanoi, the capital, will be the focus of the actions, to be both the figurehead and the laboratory of the solutions implemented by the country.


(*) Masteri West Heights: High-rise Residential project at the Plot No. F5-CH02 as a part of Tay Mo – Dai Mo New Urban Project located at Tay Mo, Dai Mo ward, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi city, Vietnam.

(**) Masterise Homes: Masterise Homes Real Estate Development Company Limited


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