ARTELIA - Planting an urban forest in Paris

As part of its program to combat heat sinks, the City of Paris authorities has planned the creation of urban forests on several iconic sites and entrusted Artelia with the pre-operational study of the Place Henri Frenay project, a square adjacent to the Gare de Lyon.


Although there are multiple benefits in cool sinks (pollutant absorption, measures countering global warming, landscape atmosphere and recreational uses), implementation requires specialised engineering to ensure harmonious coexistence between the city and plants. Artelia mobilised a wide range of expertise (civil engineering, hydraulics, roads and networks, climatology and urban ecology) for the study and made use of innovative thinking by its teams on the subject. Using urban microclimate modelling, a bioclimatic approach led to the development of scenarios to meet the expectations of the city of Paris.


*Picture credit: Jean-Marc SCHIVO architecte


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