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Bolloré Logistics launches "REcycle"

Bolloré Logistics launches "REcycle", a new offer proposed to customers willing to reduce their consumption of packaging by reusing it.

Designed as a global approach, REcycle outsources the entire management of reusing consumables for transport and logistics, allowing customers to check asset availability, manage stock worldwide and facilitate sustainable reverse logistics thanks to a dedicated web and mobile application.

To limit the use of plastic film and other consumables, several types of packaging are used, each one having been rigorously selected. In particular, reusable thermic isolation kits for containerised transport as well as pallet covers used for pre and post merchandise shipments. For air shipments, the company has invested in specific consumables such as air pallet covers.

We created REcycle to help our clients to considerably reduce their single-use consumables. As an example, using reusable thermic isolation kits for 100 shipments will reduce plastic use by 900 kg. Furthermore, it also complies with the new regulations that will ban single-use plastics in transport and logistics. In France it will be banned from transport & logistics activities by 2040.” said Odile Maarek, CSR Director at Bolloré Logistics.

The REcycle offer forms part of Bolloré Logistics’ CSR Programme “Powering Sustainable Logistics” launched in 2018, to provide sustainable supply chain solutions to its clients. In line with its objective to reduce its CO2 emissions by 30% on the transport services delivered to its clients by 2030, Bolloré Logistics encourages customers to integrate sustainability into the management of their activities.

Watch the short video here: HTTPS://YOUTU.BE/IZFCUOB11RE


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