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Bureau Veritas and ST Engineering sign Cooperation Agreement to Advance Wing-in-ground Technology

The collaboration will support the development of innovative fuel-efficient technology through the classification and certification of the first AirFish WIG craft.

Singapore, 17 April 2024 - Bureau Veritas (BV), a global leader in the Testing, Inspection and Certification industry today announced a strategic partnership with ST Engineering AirX (AirX), a joint venture between ST Engineering and Peluca (formerly known as Wigetworks), aimed at advancing Wing-in-Ground (WIG) technology. The collaboration will focus on the classification and certification of AirX’s AirFish WIG craft, which represents a vital step towards its entry into service.

The AirFish is a groundbreaking WIG marine craft that operates just above the water, utilizing aerodynamic forces generated by ground effect to achieve a more fuel-efficient high speed of travel. Under the partnership, and a shared vision in driving innovation, AirX and BV will work together to classify and certify AirFish 8, a 10-seater WIG craft, under BV’s NI525 process for the risk-based qualification of new technology, and liaise with flag states to register the marine platform in respective countries. AirX and BV will also pool their expertise and resources to establish a robust framework for the classification and certification of AirX's future WIG platforms, and lay the groundwork for the serial production of the AirFish WIG craft.

AirX will contribute its design and development specialisms as the original equipment manufacturer of the WIG craft, and leverage ST Engineering’s expertise in aircraft certification and qualification with civil aviation authorities. BV will provide advisory services on the design and development of the AirFish WIG craft from a regulatory and classification perspective, as well as technology qualification assessments based on BV’s NI525, classification and equipment certification services, whilst also providing risk and safety assessments associated with the development and operations of AirFish WIG craft.

Jeffrey Lam, President of Commercial Aerospace at ST Engineering, said: “In our pioneering journey to commercialize the world’s first WIG craft, we have chosen to partner with Bureau Veritas to classify and certify our AirFish Wing-in-Ground solution. This is a significant milestone in realizing the huge potential of Wing-in-Ground technology in areas such as maritime transportation, and the delivery of para-public and logistics services. We look forward to working with Bureau Veritas to establish new standards in innovation and safety, with a technology that is set to revolutionize maritime transportation."

David Borrow, Vice-President, South Asia and Pacific Zone at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, said: "We are delighted to support the development and deployment of the innovative AirFish Wing-in-Ground technology. Leveraging our extensive industry and regulatory experience, alongside our technological expertise, we will collaborate closely with ST Engineering AirX to navigate the complexities of introducing this groundbreaking solution to the market, with the common goal of driving growth and efficiency for the maritime industry."

SOURCE: Bureau Veritas


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