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Bureau Veritas joins the Blue Visby Consortium to support Green House Gases emissions reduction of the shipping industry

Blue Visby Solution is an innovative project that is aimed at tackling the inefficiencies of "sail fast then wait" practices.

As industrywide mandates to decarbonize continue to increase, shipping practices must adapt quickly, and long-held practices are now difficult to justify and maintain. One such method, known as "sail fast then wait (SFTW)," can lead to significant additional fuel consumption and hence GHG emissions that can be reduced. 

The Blue Visby Solution seeks to end SFTW through an integrated approach that consists of technology, a contractual architecture, and a sharing mechanism that would encourage adoption. The solution focuses on the ocean passage of a group of ships sailing to the same destination and optimizes their scheduling in an effort to help decarbonize the maritime industry. These changes have the potential to considerably reduce total GHG emissions and more holistically reduce the overall environmental footprint of the shipping industry. Stakeholders can reduce speeds while maintaining market capacity by dynamically and systemically coordinating arrival at the anchorage by reference to the conditions at the port.

The participation of Bureau Veritas in the Blue Visby Consortium will open an exchange of information while leveraging their respective areas of expertise. Bureau Veritas is committed to sharing its particular knowledge, expertise, and experience to conduct impact assessment studies to identify fuel consumption trends, their effect on the environment, and how this innovative project can impact each.


SOURCE : Bureau Veritas


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