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CapitaLand Investment and SG Eco Fund Unveil Partnership to Enhance Community Engagement on Sustainability Initiatives in Singapore

21 April 2024 – CapitaLand Investment (CLI) and SG Eco Fund will be entering a two-year partnership to drive greater environmental awareness and community engagement on sustainability initiatives in Singapore, in celebration of Earth Day on 22 April.

CLI is a leading global real asset manager with a strong Asia foothold, while the SG Eco Fund supports ground-up sustainability initiatives that engage the community. Together, they will leverage their combined expertise to engage and inspire individuals, communities, and businesses in advancing environmental sustainability initiatives across CLI’s retail and workspace network in Singapore.

As part of the partnership, CLI and SG Eco Fund are aiming to jointly curate ten events and engagement activities. These initiatives aim to enhance awareness of environmental issues, involve communities in sustainability initiatives, and spotlight both the SG Eco Fund and its grant recipients. They are set to extend until 2026 and include:

  1. A Go Green Hub design project with Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Design. Under this project, students will develop a concept design for a physical exhibition that promotes environmental awareness and engages the public on sustainable practices, in line with the Singapore Green Plan 2030 and CLI’s 2030 Sustainability Master Plan.
  2. A public showcase of the ground-up sustainability solutions and initiatives supported by the SG Eco Fund at a CapitaLand mall. The showcase aims to educate and engage shoppers on the topic of sustainability through informative booths and workshops which will be facilitated by SG Eco Fund grant recipients. The showcase also aims to leverage CLI’s extensive outreach to encourage individuals to adopt sustainable practices.
  3. Engagement with CLI’s retail and workspace tenants to share about the SG Eco Fund and facilitate connections between CLI’s tenants and grant recipients to support the co-creation of sustainability initiatives.
  4. Networking sessions to connect SG Eco Fund grant recipients, CLI’s tenants, non-profit organisations and individuals interested in sustainability. These sessions will foster learning about different sustainability topics, explore collaboration opportunities and share CLI’s sustainability initiatives.

Ms June Tan, Head, Digital Platforms, Strategic Marketing & Business Partnerships, Retail & Workspace, CLI said: “We are pleased to embark on this partnership with SG Eco Fund to contribute to the environmental and social well-being of the communities that we operate in. This is in line with CapitaLand Investment’s refreshed 2030 Sustainability Master Plan.  We hope to collaborate with like-minded partners, tenants and the public to jointly drive sustainable impact for Singapore’s built environment sector through our extensive network of retail and workspace properties as well as omnichannel platforms.”

Ms Phua Mei Pin, Trust Secretary, SG Eco Fund, said: “The SG Eco Fund is dedicated to supporting ground-up community projects that contribute to Singapore’s sustainability goals. We are heartened by CapitaLand Investment’s commitment to environmental sustainability. This partnership is a great opportunity for us to reach out together to more communities and organisations, to play an active role to achieve meaningful environmental impact.”

Go Green Hub Design Project with Temasek Polytechnic

To kickstart the partnership, the Go Green Hub design project will begin in May 2024 with the development of the design guidelines by CLI and SG Eco Fund, together with Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Design. This will be followed by the development of the concept design and visitor experience by students from the Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design, and the Diploma in Communication Design programmes. The final concept design is expected to be ready by February 2025.

The concept design is envisioned as an interactive and functional exhibition that allows the public to: (i) learn about sustainability topics including waste reduction and recycling, climate change, energy and water conservation, food production, or biodiversity conservation; (ii) engage with the digital and/or physical displays through interactive components and/or hands-on activities; and (iii) be inspired to take action after visiting the exhibition.

There may be opportunities to showcase or implement the students’ concept design at suitable spaces or events within Temasek Polytechnic or at public venues such as a CapitaLand mall, with funding support from the SG Eco Fund.

Mr Elvis Tay, Head of BeyonDesign Centre at Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Design, said, “Temasek Polytechnic is deeply committed to fostering environmental sustainability in Singapore. We have woven this into the fabric of the whole polytechnic’s curriculum and implemented concrete measures to achieve net zero carbon emissions on campus. Our students, educators, and industry partners work together on myriad eco-friendly initiatives across diverse fields and disciplines. Through this collaboration, both staff and students will have the opportunity to cultivate practical skills and engage in a meaningful project aimed at heightening public awareness and fostering a culture of sustainability in everyday life.”

SOURCE: CapitaLand 


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