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Circonomy receives dMRV Endorsement from Carbon Standards International (CSI)

Singapore, 11 December 2023 - Circonomy announces its recent certification for its digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification system (dMRV) by Carbon Standards International (CSI). This endorsement marks a significant milestone in Circonomy's unwavering commitment to transparency, sustainability, and innovation in its carbon removal initiatives.

dMRV, short for digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification, is a vital component in the world of carbon removal. It enables projects to accurately measure and report their carbon removal efforts while ensuring transparency and accountability. Circonomy's endorsement by CSI underscores the company's dedication in upholding the highest standards in biochar carbon removal practices.

"We're proud to achieve the dMRV certification after a rigorous evaluation process by Carbon Standards International," says Adrien Humbert, co-founder of Circonomy. "It affirms our commitment to establishing high industry standards and increasing trust and transparency in the voluntary carbon market. dMRV is a game-changer in scaling biochar carbon removal capacity in developing countries

A major challenge in today’s Voluntary Carbon Market ecosystem is the collection, validation and analysis of the data, it requires trusted partners in the field and strong IT development capabilities. Circonomy's dMRV system was developed based on the extensive experience gained on the ground, collaborating closely with artisan biochar producers and smallholder farmers. Focusing on the biochar value chain for agriculture applications, Circonomy sees dMRV as a vital tool in its mission to promote regenerative agriculture practices, enrich local communities, and combat climate change. In addition to streamlining the monitoring of the biochar production and application process following Global Artisan C-Sink guidelines, Circonomy dMRV includes accurate and transparent tracking of carbon sinks, as well as 3rd party verification, so they can meet the demanding requirements of carbon removal buyers.

KK Rora, Circonomy’s other co-founder, adds, "dMRV is very critical to the whole biochar ecosystem, as it helps to track and trace the carbon pathway from biomass to carbon sink, which is a vital piece of information for claiming carbon credits. By accurately measuring carbon removal efforts, Circonomy ensures that farmers are rightfully rewarded for their contribution, leading to increased revenue for local communities, healthier soil, and a more resilient food system."

The endorsement from CSI reflects the company's capability in bridging the gap between biochar carbon removal supply and demand. Circonomy looks forward to further expanding its contribution to the overall effort to achieve NetZero by mid-century. The Team is already working on an upgraded version to make its product more robust and improve the user experience.

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SOURCE: Circonomy


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