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COVID-19 Singapore Government Advisory

Ministry Taskforce announced on Friday June 18 its updated approach to the gradual reopening to Phase 3 (Heightened Alert). More details on the community measures in Annex A attached..  


In particular, enterprises should take note that:

  • Work-from-home remains the default
  • Enhancements to the Job Support Scheme for affected sectors have been extended for another 3 weeks before tapering down to 10% for another 2 weeks. Details in Annex B attached.


From 21 June 2021

  • Higher-risk activities (such as dining-in and indoor mask-off sports/exercise) will only be allowed to resume in group sizes of up to 2 persons.
  • Dining-in will be allowed to resume in group sizes of up to 2 persons:
    • Splitting of groups across multiple tables is not permitted
    • No recorded music or any public entertainment (e.g. live music, radio broadcast, TV/video screenings etc).
    • F&B establishments reminded to strictly observe 1m between groups of diners, of no more than two persons per group.
    • Enforcement will be stepped up and firmer enforcement action will be taken for any breaches of safe management measures. More details on the enforcement measures can be found here.


Update on phased roll-out of regular Fast and Easy Tests (FET) for staff in higher-risk activities

  • All staff who work at settings with unmasked clients/patrons, or where there is prolonged contact between individuals are to be placed on a regular FET regime, using tests such as antigen rapid tests (ART). These include:
    • Dine-in F&B establishments
    • Personal care services (e.g. facial and nail services, spas/saunas, massage establishments, hairdressing, and make-up services); and
    • Gyms and fitness studios where clients are unmasked
  • The regular 14-day FET requirement for staff at these settings will be made mandatory from around mid-July 2021.
  • Most of the FET can be done through a system of self-swabs supervised by the employer:
    • To support establishments in getting started, there are training programmes that companies can leverage to train supervisors in their establishments to supervise ART self-swabs for their staff. These supervisor training programmes will be provided at no cost to these establishments for the next 3 months.
    • ART kits will also be made available to establishments for these employer supervised self-swabs.
  • Small businesses that are unable to organise the supervised self-swabs on their own can use the Quick Test Centres (QTCs). There will be one each at Tekka and Yishun which will be operational from 21 June 2021. More QTCs will be progressively set up.
  • More information on the FET will be provided soon.


Deployment of SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) check-out boxes

  • SEGW check-out boxes will be progressively rolled out at venues with high footfall. This will allow for more precise contact tracing efforts.

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