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PwC: learning app now available for free in Singapore

PwC Singapore has recently made a learning app, Digital Fitness Assessment, free for the Singapore public.

The need for continuous upskilling and reskilling to become part of the “new normal” was highlighted in the recently announced Fortitude Budget. In a bid to support this, PwC Singapore has made a Digital Fitness Assessment learning app free for the Singapore public.


We know that the world of work has changed dramatically in the last few months, our app aims to bring tips and learning materials to help individuals brush up and stay abreast with the evolving world of business, digital technology and new ways of working.


The free learning up is accessible to all until 31 July 2020 and it can help users in these three areas:

  1. Assess: After answering some questions in the app, you’ll receive a Digital Fitness score that helps you understand your overall strengths and identify gaps in your knowledge.
  2. Learn: Choose a fitness plan that best suits you and learn through recommended bite-sized content to gain new insights.
  3. Grow: Track how much learning you’ve accomplished and celebrate as your Digital Fitness score improves when you complete weekly plans.

To access our learning app, simply visit our Reimagine Digital website, follow our download instructions and enter our invite code, “LRNALL”, to get started.  



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