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GTT creates a new brand in digital solutions

GTT is announcing the creation of a new brand, Ascenz Marorka. It results from the collaboration of its two pioneering subsidiaries in the digitalisation of the maritime industry: Ascenz, a Singaporean company with an extensive experience in Electronic Fuel Management, and Marorka, an Icelandic expert in vessel performance management.

Ascenz Marorka’s mission is to provide the ship-owners and the charterers around the world with the most comprehensive, innovative and reliable solutions that meet customers’ requirements, by offering a complete range of solutions, from the sensors to the modular software platform, in addition to high-value services provided by the Group’s experts.

“We are proud to announce the launch of Ascenz Marorka that represents a new milestone in the implementation of our digital strategy. With Ascenz Marorka, our ambition is to combine the digital expertise of our Group more effectively and to provide even more value to our customers in their journey for efficiency and sustainability”, said Philippe Berterottière, Chairman and CEO of GTT.

“The new brand will put us in a stronger position to design and distribute superior solutions to our customers and meet the evolving requirements of the maritime industry”, added Anouar Kiassi, Vice-President Digital and Information of GTT.

Thanks to 30 combined years of experience, Ascenz Marorka provides cutting-edge digital solutions, for all types of vessels, helping to improve their performance and safety, reduce their emissions and comply with the environmental regulations, while reducing the cost of the operations.

More than ever before, Ascenz Marorka is committed to working closely with customers for their digital transformation and for a more sustainable maritime industry.




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