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Hackuity accelerates innovative approach with Grand Défi Cyber

Hackuity announced it is one of five companies selected to receive support and R&D funding from a major initiative by the French Government.

Launched at the initiative of the Secretary general for investment, the #GrandDéfiCybersécurité (the Great Cybersecurity Challenge) is part of the national strategy to accelerate cybersecurity and the #France2030 plan announced by the President of the French Republic in 2021. By investing more than one billion euros, the national cyber strategy aims to foster the emergence of French cybersecurity champions, both to support the development of an industry with significant economic potential and to guarantee France's mastery of technologies essential to its sovereignty.

Already a winner of the initiative’s first stage in 2021, alongside 27 other innovative startups and SMEs, Hackuity applied for the second stage. At the end of a highly selective process, the "Attack Path Monitoring" project was chosen alongside four other innovative projects from startups in the French cyber ecosystem.

The second stage of the Grand Défi Cyber aims to further support the most promising projects from Stage 1, to support the rapid growth of the winners, and to encourage mass international adoption of the technologies developed.


Hackuity reinvents vulnerability management

The Attack Path Monitoring (APM) project presented by Hackuity is a direct continuation of the work carried out in Stage 1 and the winning 2AD&R project (Automated Asset Discovery & Rating), which maps the assets of an Information System and dynamically assesses their criticality.

Attack Path Monitoring creates a major paradigm shift in the practice of vulnerability management, moving from a strategy based on the defender's point of view to one based on the attacker's, with the supervision of attack paths.

This innovative approach makes it possible to automate the management of the vulnerability detection-qualification-remediation process, accelerate processing times, and better focus remediation efforts. In addition to productivity gains and cost optimization, it drastically reduces companies' exposure to cyber threats. More concretely, organizations using this new model can expect to reduce their vulnerability processing time by up to 80 percent.


A one-of-a-kind consortium

For this second phase of the project, four partners are joining forces with Hackuity:


  • Capgemini will contribute the expertise of its AI laboratory, its commercial strength, and its international footprint;
  • Hackuity's collaboration with Inria, initiated in 2021, will be strengthened with the mobilization of cyber and AI experts from the CIDRE research laboratory;
  • Tenacy, another French startup, will contribute to the project's R&D. The two startups also aim to strengthen the integration of their platforms and their go-to-market strategy;
  • Last but not least, Sanofi, Hackuity's long-standing customer, will deliver a real and immediate use case. Sanofi's cyber teams will actively contribute to the R&D project, providing a unique data lake for training the project's AIs.


Le Grand Défi Cyber, a key pillar for Hackuity

Already the winner of prestigious competitions such as the BPI Innovation Competition (2019), the FIC Jury Startup Award (2021), the Assises Innovation Award (2021), the Grand Défi Cyber Stage 1 (2021), and the EIC Seal of Excellence from the Council of Europe in 2023, Hackuity's deep-tech innovation strategy has now been crowned by the Grand Défi Cyber Stage 2.

Beyond recognizing innovative companies, the Grand Défi Cyber represents substantial financial support. In concrete terms, the consortium will directly invest over 3.7 million euros in the APM project and will benefit from a grant of 1.9 million euros, largely earmarked for the two startups in the consortium, which plan to recruit massively to strengthen their R&D teams and accelerate their go-to-market in France and internationally.

Hackuity, with an established presence in France, the UK, and Singapore, is capitalizing on the competitive advantages offered by the APM project's disruptive innovations. Our ambition? Generate over 50 percent of our revenue internationally by the end of 2024, and position ourselves as a leader in the global ASM (Attack Surface Management) market.


Hackuity, along with its partners, is proud to be one of the five winners of the Grand Défi Stage 2 and to contribute to the development of the French cyber ecosystem worldwide.


This project was financed by the State through France 2030. Financed by the European Union - Next Generation EU through the France Relance plan.




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