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Interview with Tim Ferris, IDEMIA: Identity security reinvented

FOCUS #69 - Tim Ferris, APAC President and Vice President of Public Security & Identity in APAC within IDEMIA shares with us on augmented identity and challenges in identity security.

Do tell us about IDEMIA and what is augmented identity?

IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, provides a trusted environment enabling citizens and consumers alike to perform their daily critical activities (such as pay, connect, travel and vote), in the physical as well as digital space.

- Our leitmotiv, we stand for Augmented Identity, means that only you can be you, and only you can prove it.

We allow each identity to ensure privacy and trust and guarantees secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions. By designing market-conquering solutions with biometric data, your identity can be verified with a simple glance or the tap of a finger.

IDEMIA has strong expertise with the merger get together of two complementary and unique firms: Oberthur Technologies, a big digital security firm, and Morpho, security and identity solutions world leader. IDEMIA provides Augmented Identity for international clients from Financial, Telecom, Identity, Public Security and IoT sectors. With 13,000 employees around the world, IDEMIA serves clients in 180 countries, striving to combine security and user-friendly practices.


How do you see today’s challenges in identity security evolving?

Our first challenge is to secure our identity as it becomes mission critical in the world we live in today: nowadays people use their identity to pay, travel, cross borders, get to work, have fun, open bank accounts, request medical attention and use their smart devices. This list will only get longer in years to come. Regarding the wide range of environments and usages, identity security has become paramount.

IDEMIA strives to dream up the future with innovations that will radically change people’s daily lives. We reinvent the way we think, produce, use and protect one of our greatest assets – our identity – whether for individuals or for objects, whenever and wherever security matters.

Could you imagine a world infinitely secure and yet so simple? A world without queues, administrative formalities or time consuming paperwork. Or imagine hiring a car without getting your wallet out: a quick smile at your smartphone and no more paperwork. Think of a world where your smartphone and love of music are all you need to get to a concert: with our pre-check technology and a smartwatch, waiting in line will be consigned to history. Think of a future where you could open a bank account in just a few seconds, on-site or remotely or where you can get to an airport’s Duty Free area in less than 10 minutes: a mere selfie is enough to check your identity and you can securely pass through all ID checks. All this is now possible thanks to IDEMIA.

We, at IDEMIA, are determined to turn this world into reality by reinventing identity and we have already great success stories across the Asia-Pacific region.


Can you tell us about some new technologies at IDEMIA?

Our Research & Development has always been a core IDEMIA feature. It underpins our business as our R&D teams are striving daily to develop big tech innovations of the future. Nearly 1,500 patents have been filed in biometrics, digital identity, artificial intelligence, cryptography, security measures, identity systems, security protocols, airport terminals and cards. With an innovation-centric mindset, IDEMIA develops 10% new patents every year and, from 2018 and over the next five years, we will invest €1 billion in R&D.

Furthermore, IDEMIA has developed strategic partnerships to roll out cutting edge tech solutions in booming markets. For instance, as a big step forward in the security and identification market, IDEMIA partners with Singapore Changi Airport to use biometric technology giving passengers a secure, modern and seamless experience. The airport held up as the world’s most innovative airport terminal. IDEMIA has also teamed up with big blue-chip banks to offer F.CODE cards, a banking card to turn fingerprints into pin codes!


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