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Joint Year of Sustainability Press Lunch at the French Residence

Singapore and France launched the Joint Year of Sustainability on April the 13th 2024 during PM Wong visit to France, after his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron.

This joint initiative underscores our shared commitment to addressing the urgent global challenge of sustainability and climate change. As strategic partners, we recognize the need for concerted action to foster green and sustainable development, in line with international climate commitments. The year-long initiative will highlight bilateral cooperation in sustainable development and the green transition.

The JYOS will have a series of sustainability-focused events and initiatives from April 2024 to mid-2025, coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Singapore and France.

Singapore and France have longstanding defence ties and robust economic, security, culture, research and education cooperation. They are also deepening cooperation in emerging areas such as the green and digital economies, clean and renewable energy, sustainability and cyber security. Both countries have a fine-tuned expertise in ecological planning (for France, see

France is Singapore’s second-largest trading partner in the EU, while Singapore is France’s top trading partner in Asean. Total bilateral trade in goods and services exceeded $30 billion in 2023. France is the Republic’s fourth-largest EU investor, with almost 2,600 French enterprises operating here.

1. Key objectives of the JYOS

  • Bilateral Cooperation including multi-stakeholders initiatives (enterprises, research institutions, public administration…): Showcase French and Singaporean expertise in ecological transition and innovation, leading to visible, concrete solutions in both countries.
  • Multilateral Engagement: mutual support in multilateral fora around the theme of sustainability such as the Paris Agreement for People and the Planet, the One Water Summit in December 2024, and the UN Conference on Oceans in June 2025.
  • Path to Progress: By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, the JYOS seeks to amplify ongoing efforts and inspire action towards a greener, more resilient future. Through joint initiatives and partnerships, we aim to demonstrate leadership and drive positive change on the international stage.

2. Key Themes:

  • Circular Economy: Innovations in recycling and sustainable resource use.
  • Renewable Energy and Sustainable Construction: Advancing energy efficiency and sustainable building practices.
  • Green Finance: Financing the transition to a sustainable economy.
  • Digital and Green Partnership: Promoting sustainability through digital solutions and paperless trading.
  • Maritime Sustainability: Enhancing sustainability in the maritime sector.

3. Reminder of major events planned in Singapore during the JYOS
Already held by the date of Lunch:

  • April 15-16, 2024 - SMW: in addition to the formal launch of JYOS in Singapore, the SMW 2024 promoted the attractiveness of the French maritime pavilion, highlighted energy transition in this sector, and discussed the upcoming UN Ocean Conference organized by France and Costa Rica.
  • April 2024 : Visit of the Director-General of Maritime Affairs Eric Banel during SMW 2024 and exchange with Singapore's Minister of Transport, Chee Hong Tat, and Ambassador for Oceans and Law of the Sea, Rena Lee
  • April 2024 : Forum nature in the city, partnership between the French National Museum of Natural History and NUS which promise a bright future for environmental and natural history research, paving the way for deeper exploration and a richer understanding of our world.
  • May 15-17 2024: visit of Ms. Barbara Pompili, former Minister of Ecological Transition and Special Envoy of the President for the One Water Summit. Her discussions with President Tharman and with the Singaporean Ministry of the Environment could lead to joint initiatives on this theme ahead of the next One Water Summit in December 2024.
  • May 30, 2024 – Asia Start-up Summit 2024: organised by the French Chamber of Commerce in partnership with EDB and the French Tech Singapore, this Summit aimed to foster collaboration between startups, investors, and large corporates to create business opportunities around the themes of innovation and sustainability.
  • June 3, 2024 - Blueprint of Sustainable Aviation organised by the French chamber of commerce: experts shared key learnings on emerging trends shaping the future of sustainable aviation, outlined in the Singapore Sustainable Air Hub Blueprint.
  • June 4, 2024 - Smart City Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation: experts exchanged on how Singapore leverages its "Smart Nation" initiative to adapt to a changing environment and build resilience against rising sea levels, heatwaves, and other climate challenges.

Upcoming Events in partnership with the French Chamber of Singapore

  • June 19-21, 2024 – "3 Days to Rethink, Reuse, Recycle": a series of events on the circular economy involving French and Singaporean companies, research centre representatives, Singaporean institutions, and circular economy trainers.

For this occasion, the French Chamber of Commerce and the French Embassy in Singapore are thrilled to introduce Circularity (, a digital platform aimed at promoting series of events, sustainable practices and solutions to promote circular economy. This platform will be launched the 4th of June.

For example, Boucheron jeweller will hold a press event in their boutique at MBS, to present their sustainability framework "Precious for the Future," their commitments, recent achievements, and unveil their new Jewellery case.

Circularity will serve as a space for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the showcasing of events, initiatives and interviews dedicated to advancing circular economy principles.

  • June 20: A "France-Singapore Circular Economy Forum" followed by a networking evening. This forum is a key initiative during the Joint Year of Sustainability France-Singapore (JYOS) aimed at fostering discussions and actions towards a more circular economy world. It will feature two panel discussions sharing perspectives from the industry and goods consumption sectors on new design model for durability and reusability. Key experts from corporates, startups, researchers, and government agencies will share insights, strategies, and innovations aimed at driving circularity and sustainability in business practice. Mr Wong Kang Jet, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Environment Agency (NEA) will be the Guest of Honor.
  • June 21: a "Circular Economy Collage," an exclusive invitation-only event for a limited audience presenting the challenges of the circular economy. The Circular Economy Collage is a collaborative 3-hour workshop that examines our existing economic model, highlights its impacts, and invites you to explore a different circular model that uses fewer resources, designs out waste, and respects the limits of our planet. This event continues the now well-known “Climate Collage” which showcase the impact of Climate Change

Other upcoming Events:

  • June 6, 2024: dialogue between French companies and Minister Grace Fu, Minister of Sustainability and the Environment at the occasion of the Annual General Meeting of the French Chamber of Commerce.
  • June 13, 2024: a conversation with Mr. Shih Chun Ngiam, Chief Executive of Energy Market Authority (EMA).
  • Week of July 8, 2024: learning visit of French building representatives regarding sustainable built environment, with exchanges particularly with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).
  • An energy event during SIEW in October (to be discussed soon with EMA)
  • A seminar on green finance (role of central banks in promoting green investments) in November 2024
  • Maritime Week 2025
  • This list will be updated with proposals from institutional, economic, scientific actors, or visits from high authorities likely to generate an initiative meeting our shared sustainability goals.

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