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Launch of Pilot Tender to Jumpstart Expansion of Public Carpark Charging Network for Electric Vehicles

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced today the launch of Singapore’s pilot tender for electric vehicle (EV) charging points at public carparks.

The pilot tender covers the installation and operation of more than 600 EV charging points at over 200 public carparks across Singapore, in a wide range of accessible areas such as public housing estates, industrial estates, public parks, and community centres. Successful tenderers will be required to install charging stations at their allotted carparks by the third quarter of 2022.

The launch of the pilot tender marks a significant milestone in the expansion of Singapore’s public carpark charging network. Data and insights obtained from this pilot tender will help to shape the design and phasing of future tenders, which will be issued in batches over the coming years.

In line with Singapore’s vision for all vehicles to run on cleaner energy by 2040, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) and LTA are leading the Government’s efforts to improve the availability of EV charging infrastructure in Singapore through a national EV charger deployment plan. Earlier this year, the Government announced its aim to deploy up to 28,000 charging points in public carparks by 2030, to make it more convenient for EV users. Today, there are around 1,800 charging points located island-wide.

“Implementing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is an important step in our efforts to shape a sustainable city of the future. Bringing charging points to more public car parks island-wide will provide drivers with greater convenience and accessibility, making electric vehicles a more attractive option,” said Chief Executive Officer of URA, Mr Lim Eng Hwee.

“The wider adoption of electric vehicles, which are quieter and have no tailpipe emissions, will yield significant environmental benefits and improve liveability for all Singaporeans. Coupled with incentives such as the EV Early Adoption Incentive and the recently enhanced Vehicular Emissions Scheme, the increased availability of charging points will help to encourage more vehicle owners to choose electric vehicles,” said Chief Executive of LTA, Mr Ng Lang.

The tender is open until 12 March 2021.


Source: Urban Redevelopment Authority Singapore 


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