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MOH and MTI: Gradual Resumption of Activities At Workplaces From 2 June 2020

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce has announced that Circuit Breaker measures will be gradually eased from 2 June 2020.

As announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce on 19 May 2020, Circuit Breaker measures will be gradually eased from 2 June 2020, and businesses will be allowed to resume activities in the phased banner. (See MTI’s press release below)

Three-phased approach to resuming activities safely: 

a. Phase One (“Safe Re-opening”) 

  • Phase One will be implemented from 2 June 2020 with more businesses allowed to resume work activities. 
  • Essential services and their related supply chains and service providers are allowed to operate at their premises. Please click here for the list. 
  • All firms who are in operations are to comply with the safe management requirements listed here

b. Phase Two (“Safe Transition”) 

  • Gradual resumption of more activities and businesses will be allowed subject to safe management measures being implemented and practised by employers and employees in these workplaces and their ability to also maintain a safe environment for their customers.
  • Employers should, however, still ensure that those who can work from home continue to do so. 

c. Phase Three (“Safe Nation”) 

  • The Government will continue to ease measures gradually until we reach a new normal in this phase, a state at which we expect to remain until a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19 is developed. 



The list of businesses (accurate as of 19 May 2020) that may operate from 2 June 2020 can be found in the infographic above. You should also refer to for the latest updates.

Businesses in the permitted list should note that:

  • They do not need to apply for an exemption before resuming operations. A class exemption will be granted for them to resume operations.
  • They must submit their manpower details via the GoBusiness portal ( within two weeks of resuming operations.
  • They must also comply with the requirements for Safe Management Measures as per (“Safe Management Requirements”) and any sector-specific requirements which apply to them. Strict checks will be conducted, and businesses that do not provide a safe workplace for our workers will have their operations suspended until they are able to do.
  • They should continue to act in a responsible manner, and not plan or organise events that could draw large numbers of employees or customers, such as “welcome back” sales and parties. 
  • Telecommuting should be adopted to the maximum extent. Those who have been working from home so far should continue to do so.

Those who wish to report breaches or poor workplace practices can do so via SnapSAFE ( – an app that allows the reporting of workplace safety and health issues to MOM.

Should community transmission rise, MTI will re-evaluate the timeline and the businesses that can resume operations from 2 June 2020.


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