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NTU Singapore and Cetim-Matcor establish joint laboratory to collaborate in metal additive manufacturing research

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) and Matcor Technology & Services (Cetim-Matcor) have initiated a new joint laboratory commencing on 1st Oct 2022, to collaborate in the field of metal additive manufacturing (AM) research.

A top-ranked university, NTU is renowned for its research-intensive interdisciplinary approach in developing innovative solutions for industry and society. Part of the Cetim group, the French technical centre for the mechanical industry and one of the key players in the European AM ecosystem, Cetim-Matcor will lead this joint laboratory from the regional office in Singapore. Cetim-Matcor has more than 30 years of proven track record in the field of failure analysis and forensic investigation, risk-based assessment and asset integrity management.

NTU Prof Lam (Associate Vice President – Strategy and Partnerships) said: This industry collaboration is well-aligned with NTU 2025 research cluster Future of Industry which focus on Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies including Additive Manufacturing.  Through this partnership, NTU fosters demand pull innovations, from laboratory to enterprise with the right resources to accelerate the commercialisation, and for the collaboration outcomes to address industry and societal needs.”

By applying NTU’s research expertise and capitalising on Cetim-Matcor’s extensive experience through this joint laboratory, we will be able to accelerate industrial adoption of additive manufacturing technology in Asia-Pacific,” said Mr Atge (Managing Director of Cetim-Matcor).

The Master Research Collaboration Agreement was signed by NTU Prof Lam Kwok Yan and Mr Jean-Francois Atge, in the presence of Prof Paulo Bartolo (Executive Director, Singapore Centre for 3D Printing SC3DP) and Mr Robert Shandro (Principal Consultant, Cetim-Matcor).

With this collaboration between SC3DP and Cetim-Matcor, we can advance the industry knowledge to address the product qualification challenges faced with the intrinsic reliability and repeatable performance in wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM).” said Prof Bartolo.

Mr Shandro said: “In fulfilling the critical needs of the industry, this research collaboration will accelerate the qualification process and ensure successful acceptance and adoption of WAAM technology globally”.

Three new full-time research fellow positions have been created at NTU’s Singapore Centre for 3D Printing to focus on WAAM research. Motivated by process and part qualification in WAAM technology, the research areas focus on ultrasonic microstructure characterisation, assessment of impact of defects on mechanical properties to development of damage tolerance models for large AM produced parts.

SOURCE : NTU Singapore


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