Event report

Past Event | A closed-door roundtable discussion on CSR & Community Engagement

In our pursuit of corporate social responsibility, we often find ourselves navigating through a sea of questions: How do we move from inputs to outputs, and ultimately, to impact?

Our CSR & Community Engagement session this morning focused on the 'S' of CSR delving into the heart of community engagement :

  • We touched on how social sustainability takes its form in various companies.
  • Engaging employees emerged as a critical pillar. We discussed strategies to empower our teams, fostering a sense of purpose and collective responsibility.
  • We shared on how to address community needs, ensuring our initiatives create lasting value.
  • How do we partner effectively? How do we leverage our strengths and resources to magnify our impact?

So many topics were highlighted this morning and for which we look forward to delving into in our next sessions to come !

Thanks to all our CSR leaders this morning for your insights and for sharing your case studies!

Thank you to  Chloé Vialard, Board member at the French Chamber, for moderating the session and to SHEARMAN & STERLING LLP for hosting us.

For more information, please contact Lydia Fulton lfulton@fccsingapore.com




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