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Past Event | Career Clarity: Experience a self-reflection tool for talent retention

Our recent workshop, led by by Hélène Bertonèche, Executive Coach at Get Ahead Leadership, explored how self-reflection drives career progression and enhances employee retention.

In this workshop, participants experienced a narrative tool aimed at facilitating self-discovery and helping professionals articulate their career stories.

A warm thank you to Hélène Bertonèche for this insightful and hands-on session.

Please, find below the main key- learnings:

  • Research indicates that 3 out of 4 employees lack confidence in their career path within their current organization.
  • 45% of talented individuals are leaving because of uncertainty about their career direction and a perceived lack of support in career reflection.
  • The workshop emphasized the importance of supporting employees with ongoing career reflection and tools to navigate career growth, a key strategy for retention
  • Participants engaged in an activity about their own career and learned practical strategies for self-reflection
  • Participants discovered how to take ownership of their career paths by gaining clarity on their professional narratives and aspirations
  • They found this career workshop enlightening and appreciated making connections between their foundation, their strengths, their successes, and their aspirations for the future

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