Event report

Past Event | Circular Economy Innovation Masterclass

Throwback on an immersive workshop organised by the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore in partnership with The Matcha Initiative, exploring how to integrate circularity, a key concept in sustainability, into your business strategy.  

Many thanks to Marisa Agrasut and Dr. Anna Itkin, Managing Partners at The Inceptery - for facilitating this engaging workshop. While recycling is important, the masterclass emphasized the circular economy as a more comprehensive approach. 

The discussion covered the growing significance of circularity across industries. Experts explained how a circular economy goes beyond trends and is poised to fundamentally reshape how we operate in a resource-constrained world with environmentally conscious consumers. 

The masterclass offered insights into: 

  • Core Circular Economy Concepts: Attendees gained a foundational understanding of the circular economy and its principles. 

  • Emerging Business Models: Participants learned about innovative business models that embrace circularity. 

  • Life Cycle Thinking: The session explored the life cycle approach to products and how to conduct a life cycle assessment. 

  • Shifting from Linear to Circular: The discussion addressed the implications and practicalities of transitioning from a linear model to a circular one. 

The overall message was clear: By working together, businesses can adopt circular practices and build a more sustainable future. While recycling remains a valuable tool, the circular economy offers a broader framework for achieving true sustainability. 

This event was organised as part of the initiative “Circularity, 3-days to Rethink, Reuse and Recycle”, during the Joint Year of Sustainability France Singapore (JYOS) and in conjunction with the CleanEnviro Summit in Singapore from 19 to 21 June 2024. 

If you have any questions on our Sustainable Business committee, please kindly contact Alexia Duvernoy aduvernoy(@)fccsingapore.com   


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