Event report

Past Event | Developing More Efficient and Agile Supply Chain, A Path Towards Sustainability

The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore organised an engaging committee meeting on “Developing More Efficient and Agile Supply Chain, A Path Towards Sustainability”.

Thank you so much to our speakers Mr. Aurélien Ricci, founder of DWS Engraving, Ms. Isdiyanah Dulkifli, Regional Program Manager (Smart Factory Leader) at Schneider Electric and moderator Mr. Jhon Torres, Global Senior Manager Customer Delivery Experience at Schneider Electric for an interactive and enlightening session. Our panellists shared about how their companies’ innovative solutions can help improve supply chain efficiency. They also mentioned their sustainability challenges facing in the company and how they address them; and How they can work with suppliers to promote sustainable practices and ensure that sustainability is integrated into their operations.

Highlights and Key Takeaways:

  • Laser is a unique tool – in capable hands, it can express the full potential of any material in many ways.
  • Laser-based machine tools can be integrated with well-thought customer-oriented software applications.
  • The agility and versatility of laser processes pave the way to the development of more agile and sustainable supply chains.
  • Safety and Sustainability are the 2 basic”S” fundamental of ant smart and digitalisation initiative
  • Agile and Sustainability are not an either or situation anymore. It’s a need to practice both sustainability and agile supply chain in today’s situation.

This event was kindly supported by our Committee Partner: Bolloré Logistics.

For more information about the Supply Chain and Logistics Committee, please contact Emily Jiangejiang(@)fccsingapore.com.


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