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Past Event | Embracing Mental Wellness in the Workplace: An Authentic and Practical Roadmap

In this event, we delved into the growing recognition of the symbiotic relationship between employee well-being and organizational success was discussed. Companies are increasingly acknowledging that a mentally healthy workforce is not only more productive but also more innovative and resilient in the face of challenges.

Thank you to our speakers Elisabeth McAuliffe Managing Director, Talent Transformation at Deloitte Asia Pacific, Mollie Jean de Dieu Managing Director Longchamp SGP/MY & Author of “Emotional Inclusion”, Antoinette Patterson,  Co-Founder/CEO at Safe Space™ and moderator Alexis FoslerAddictions Therapist, Visions. They provided practical insights into creating a supportive environment.


Key takeaways:

  • Addressing uncomfortable truths is the first step toward creating a mentally healthy workplace. Encourage open and honest communication
  • Launch stigma-busting campaigns to create awareness and understanding around mental health
  • Increasing accessibility to counselors: recognize the importance of mental health professionals in the workplace
  • Reassessing the culture around working hours: evaluate the organization's approach to working hours and foster a culture that values efficiency over mere presence
  • Encouraging courageous conversations: create spaces for courageous conversations about mental health. Training programs can empower employees and managers to navigate these discussions with empathy and understanding
  • Implementing exit surveys: these are not just about why someone is leaving; they can uncover valuable insights into workplace culture and potential mental health concerns. Include questions specifically related to mental well-being in exit surveys to gather data that can inform ongoing improvement efforts.


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