Event report

Past Event | Exploring Opportunities in Metal 3D Printing

We've all heard of Metal 3DPrinting, and our last Committee meeting was an excellent opportunity to learn more about its applications in various industries.


Our sincere thank you to Pauline Le Borgne, General Manager at Matcor Technology & ServicesArthur Pelissier, General Manager at ECM TechnologiesOlivier Mathey, Vice President of Sales at Spare Parts 3D, and Tarun Kumar Chand, Technical Sales Specialist at Addept 3D for hosting this insightful discussion around Metal 3D printing in Southeast Asia.

The participants were engaged in a discussion about Metal 3D printing and its potential in the market, emphasizing both challenges and transformative opportunities through illustrative case studies.

The speakers conveyed their expertise by exploring how this emerging technology competes with existing supply chain processes, addresses the decarbonization challenge, and has the potential to seamlessly integrate into large-scale manufacturing.

The session was followed by an engaging networking session.

Thank you to all attendees for their active participation.


This event was supported by our Committee Partner Cetim Matcor.



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