Event report

Past Event | HR Club - Cross Chamber

We were delighted to relaunch our Cross Chamber HR Club events with the Hong Kong Chamber last month.

Thank you to our panellists Vivek IyyaniJimmy Chong, and Francois Suquet, and to our fantastic facilitator Vanessa Iloste for their sharing and engaging the attendees in a meaningful conversation about the topic : Do we need a new EVP for the new Gen Z?

Three key aspects of this theme were addressed, starting with the Mental Health & Wellbeing in Gen Z, followed by the importance of creating a genuine sense of purpose for Gen Z to finish with how to support career growth.

Our panellists shared with the attendees some best practices, successful initiatives, and strategies as well as possible pitfalls.

For more information about the HR Club, please contact Caroline Steger csteger(@)fccsingapore.com


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