Event report

Past Event| Inspirational Women Leaders' Series #9

We were delighted to welcome our esteemed speakers, Maelle Pochat, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Try & Review and Marie Monmont, Founder at Wildness Asia  for the 9th session of our Inspirational Women Leaders’ Series.

Thank you very much Maelle and Marie for their inspiring and energetic contributions in sharing their career highlights as well as their challenges.

Thank you also to Mary Kon-Sun-Tack, Founder at Journey Makers for skilfully moderating the session.

Please find below some key learnings from the session:

  • There is never a perfect time: trust your instincts and seize the moment when it arrives
  • Tailor your work approach to suit your needs
  • Remember that the journey is ongoing and unforeseen events will disrupt it
  • Prioritize diversification to safeguard your business: consistently question the status quo and innovate on both organizational and product fronts
  • Success and growth require continual reinvestment
  • Success as an entrepreneur isn't solely measured by wealth or long working hours: prioritize productivity and value your time and energy to enhance your overall life.

This event was kindly supported by our Committee Partner BNP Paribas.

For more information about Women in Business Committee, contact Vanessa Hobbs vhobbs@fccsingapore.com.




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