Event report

Past Event | Leading The Way: The Crucial Role of Today's Leaders in Nurturing Talent

Hosted by AXA XL, our recent Human Resources Committee Meeting explored pivotal strategies and trends essential for cultivating and empowering talent, recognising their potential as invaluable brand ambassadors.

Our esteemed speakers, Mickael Leroy - CEO, South Asia & Oceania at Richemont, Sylvie Gleises - CEO, Singapore at AXA XL, and Leonard Canitrot - Founder and CEO at Talent-e, along with the moderator, Don Rapley, Managing Director at TYC Transform Your Conversation,s generously shared their insights and experiences, highlighting the significance of nurturing talent in organisational success.

Here are key learnings from this session:

  • As a company, promoting a culture of learning, self-development and having a strong succession plan for your teams is key to retaining talent
  • Encourage talent to push beyond their comfort zone to reach their own individual goal
  • Success within a team is reliant on diversity: everyone has a part to play and strength comes from a blend of diverse personality types and profiles   
  • Nurturing a culture of generosity involves embracing feedback, maintaining approachability, and engaging in genuine discussions with your teams. Demonstrating vulnerability not only fosters connection but also inspires your team to remain committed

Thank you to our panelists and all attendees for engaging in thought-provoking and insightful discussions.

This event was supported by our Committee Partner EHL.

For more information about the Human Resources Committee, please contact Vanessa Hobbs vhobbs@fccsingapore.com



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