Event report

Past Event | Navigating the Future of Procurement - E-Procurement Integration, from Sourcing to Payment

Throwback on a great discussion on the Future of Procurement, hosted by Lewis Bazile, Regional Purchasing Manager - Moët Hennessy – LVMH Wines & Spirits, Charles Pierrard, Chief Operating Officer – Port cities and Ken Ooi – Director – TenderBoard.

The conversation provided our members with enlightening and illustrative insights into the integration of e-procurement within their businesses.

The speakers initiated the discussion by exploring the reasons that prompted the implementation. Then, they delved into their “journey to implementation”, highlighting both opportunities and challenges encountered along the way, as well as the resulting outcomes such as ROI and benefits. The discussion concluded with reflections on the prospects of integrating procurement into the broader supply chain.

A special thanks to the event sponsor Bolloré Logistics 

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