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Past Event | Rethink Your Employee Value Proposition

How crucial is the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in the recruitment process, acting as a compelling sales pitch for prospective employees?

Thank you to our speakers Rachel Tan, Managing Director Singapore and Malaysia at Lyreco, Samuel Levy-Basse, Partner at Prophet, Mikael Yitzhakov Regional Principal Consultant at Lincoln for sharing their thoughts in our last committee meeting.

Their insights and discussions on EVP were part of an engaging conversation skilfully  moderated by Geraldine Gauthier, Co-Founder at GoMasterCoach

Please find the key learning of the session below:

  • An EVP's effectiveness in attracting and securing talent relies on its alignment with modern workforce values, focusing on key factors such as remote working options, organisational stability (particularly crucial in the tech sector), sustainable practices, career growth opportunities, work-life integration, and emphasis on mental health and wellness.
  • Truly impactful EVPs are those that authentically reflect a company's culture and values into the employee experience, fostering a sense of belonging; they go beyond mere communication of principles and are deeply rooted in the everyday reality of the workforce.
  • Involving leadership, marketing and HR is critical, as well as utilising data analytics for a high degree of personalization and flexibility to answer the diverse needs of the workforce.

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