Event report

Past Event | Site visit – Alstom Innovation Station (Transforming Mobility) – March 2024

Reflecting on a memorable session where members had the privilege to attend the Alstom Innovation Station tour and immerse themselves in advanced and innovative solutions revolutionizing mobility

The session started with an engaging conference detailing the Innovation Station’s journey, followed by an insightful tour showcasing:

  • Advancements in “3D printing” within the railway sector.
  • Embracing “Green mobility” through initiatives focused on sustainability, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly train design.
  • Exploring the benefits of “Smart mobility”, detailing the benefits of Data, AI, and Robotics integration.
  • Delving into virtual and immersive mobility experiences, offering insights into the "future of training" using virtual reality headsets.

Thank you to Alstom Innovation team for hosting our members and providing such an enlightening experience.

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