Event report

Past Event | Space 2.0: The Future of Space Exploration and Technology

The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore recently hosted a roundtable session on Space Exploration and Technology, drawing an enthusiastic audience keen to explore the frontiers of our cosmic ventures. 

One of the key discussions centered around the fundamental question: Why do we go to space? This conversation spanned various themes, including the pursuit of scientific understanding, the desire to expand human presence beyond Earth and serve the needs of Earth inhabitants. 

Thank you so much to our speaker: Mr. Francois Dubrulle, Founder and CEO at Qosmosys, who covered different topics such as emerging trends in commercial space travel, the current opportunities and challenges in the industry, and the updates and recent development and innovations in the region. 

Takeaways from the session: 

  1. Fragility of Know-How in Space Companies: The expertise in space technology is delicate, requiring extensive experience drawn from science and skilled individuals. 

  2. Investment in Space Exploration: Major investors in space exploration include governments, military, and international organizations. Government investment is particularly crucial. 

  3. Industry Market Planning: It is vital for the space industry to anticipate market trends and plan strategically for the next decade. 

For more questions about the Aeronautic, Space, Defence and Security Committee, please contact Emily Jiang ejiang(@)fccsingapore.com 



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