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Past Event | Supply Chain Symposium 2022: Rethinking a Globalised Supply Chain

Leading companies discussed how to better anticipate the risks in a post-Covid era and in a disrupting global economy.

The French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, in partnership with the Economic Development Board (EDB), held our 3rd edition of Supply Chain Symposium: Rethinking a Globalised Supply Chain and welcomed over 100 participants at Sheraton Towers.

Through two interactive and inspiring roundtable discussions, our panellists share the signals from today’s market; how to adapt their current supply chain to set up to new realities quickly; how to better anticipate customers’ needs; what are the constraints and challenges they identify in the transition from “globalisation” to “localisation”; what are the biggest drivers of the equilibrium as well as what are the key enablers to help this transition… And many more!

Thank you very much to our speakers and moderators:

  • Frederic Gomer, Managing Partner at B2G Consulting
  • Matthieu Gaonach, General Manager Sales & Marketing at Bolloré Logistics
  • Sami Nazar, Category Manager International Transportation at Decathlon Singapore
  • Arnaud Rastoul, VP APAC at Buyco and Director at TetriXX
  • Léna Kernoa, Head of Digital Innovation at Bolloré Logistics
  • Christophe Hatt, Vice President, Transaction Banking, Trade & Supply Chain Management at BNP Paribas
  • Thomas Vermersch, Sales Director Asia and Global Head FMCG Customers at FM Logistic
  • Olivier Mathey, VP of Sales at Spare Parts 3D

Thank you to our sponsors Bolloré Logistics and STMicroelectronics for their kind support.

Special thanks to our co-presidents of the Supply Chain & Logistics Committee: Ellen Hudreaux, Gregoire Sauve, and Ludovic Sichere for their engagement and support throughout the preparation of the Symposium.

Key takeaways:

From the 1st Roundtable:

  • Agility should come from People first
  • Expectations from consumers are evolving and changing. Supply Chain needs to adapt and tackle expectations from customers.
  • Lean and Agile will be the hybrid supply chain of tomorrow
  • The need of internal platform to share latest local updates
  • The Supply Chain system needs to be designed and well communicated between different departments. The alignment of target is critical

From the 2nd Roundtable:

  • What are the enablers:
  1. Digitalisation and 3D Printing -or how to combine both with an existing supply chain?
  2. Diversification of the supply chain: for a local financing /capabilities
  3. Regulations and legislations
  4. Collaboration with start-ups, governments, competitors, and customers
  • What are the biggest drivers of this new equilibrium: Cost/Sustainability/Agility/Resilience
  • What are the key enablers to reach this new equilibrium: Technology /Collaboration /Regulations
  • One idea to explore in your company: Sustainability

For more information, please contact Emily Jiang ejiang(@)fccsingapore.com

Watch the video of our 3rd edition:

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