Event report

Past Event | WORKSHOP - Cultivating Success: A Deep Dive into Psychological Safety and Leadership – February 2024

Our recent workshop, animated by Marie-Laure Caille, Founder and Director at The Human Factor, delved into the pivotal concept of psychological safety in the workplace—a proven key driver. 

In this workshop, attendees discussed how effective leadership involves creating a culture of psychological safety*. 

The main themes takeaways from the session were:

1. Psychological safety is crucial for organisational success 
Its numerous benefits can be organised into 3 main categories: higher individual and team performance, increased creativity and innovation, and effective error reduction. These benefits contribute to overall team and organizational success and growth, while supporting team members’ well-being.

2. Leadership and team responsibilities in building psychological safety 
Leaders play a pivotal role in cultivating psychological safety within a team or organisation. For example, they should encourage open communication, model curiosity, acknowledge their own fallibility, and respond positively to contributions. Building and maintaining psychological safety is also a shared responsibility, involving both leaders and team members. 

3. Mechanisms can be put in place to increase psychological safety at both the team and organisational levels 
Organisations can support both leaders and team members in nurturing psychological safety.

* Psychological safety (as defined by Amy Edmondson) is feeling able to express ideas, concerns, and making mistakes without fear of negative consequences.

A warm thank you to Marie-Laure Caille for this insightful and hands-on session.

For more information please contact Vanessa Hobbs, vhobbs(@)fccsingapore.com 


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