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PropTech boom is driven by data, says WeMaintain's Byron Fuller in a discussion on IoT, green tech & engineering [Q&A]

This article was first published on TechNode Global on 23 Aug 2021.


In late June, tech-enabled lift-maintenance company WeMaintain announced raising a $36 million Series B along with opening its APAC headquarters in Singapore.

The investment will enable WeMaintain to further build upon its IoT research and development capabilities, as well as solutions for regulating building operations with smart sustainability in mind. According to a TechNode Global Q&A with Byron Fuller, Managing Director of WeMaintain Singapore, such tech- and data-driven capabilities will provide building and property managers the capability to improve on their operational efficency and thus contribute toward their meeting sustainability targets.

Such digital tools will also provide engineers with the capability to work more efficiently. According to Fuller, WeMaintain also advocates the use of technology to “bust the OEM myth”–that is, the thinking that only “big brand” parts and supplies are correct for maintaining hardware like elevators and escalators. With proper market access, building operators and their maintenance teams can save huge sums sourcing replacement parts via the “true OEM” component manufacturers who supply the “big brands” the very same parts they sell to aftercare maintenance providers.

Deep tech is rarely visible, although such innovations do contribute to the bigger picture, in terms of safety, cost-savings, efficiency, and sustainability. In the end, with Singapore and other countries envisioning smart cities, solutions like WeMaintain are driving innovation in a centuries-old industry.

Below is the edited TechNode Global Q&A with Byron Fuller, Managing Director of WeMaintain Singapore, in full.



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