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Safran Electronics & Defense among Top 10 Airbus suppliers

On Wednesday, 19 June, Safran Electronics & Defense won an Airbus Award for its Customer Service Excellence in 2018.

For the 53rd edition of the International Paris Air Show, Airbus honoured its top-performing suppliers with an award, during a ceremony held on his chalet, in the presence of media.

Every year, the European corporation conducts a customer satisfaction survey of approximately 170 companies spread across 5 continents. The challenge for Airbus is to evaluate and classify (together with its customers) its main suppliers according to the effectiveness of their support services, whether in terms of product performance, service and cost or overall improvement.

Among the fifty or so companies assessed, only nine were able to reach the level of support performance expected by Airbus, allowing them to win the "Best Supplier" Award. Among these, three Safran companies:

  • Safran Electronics & Defense
  • Safran Electrical & Power
  • Safran Nacelles

With its 8th rank* and its trophy, Safran Electronics & Defense demonstrates its constant concern to improve its customer relationship, effectively supporting its customers throughout the life cycle of its solutions.


*Rating based on airline ratings only.


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