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Sustainability: lifting the obstacles for businesses to jump on the bandwagon

When it comes to tackling climate change, there are two schools of thought: the first one holds a handful of companies responsible, the second one believes that if many companies change a little, splitting the effort makes it more bearable. We do not need few businesses to be perfectly sustainable but a maximum of businesses to start the journey and keep the momentum in the long run.

The Matcha Initiative belongs to the latter aiming at helping every business to accelerate its sustainability. From the SME that is willing to push for sustainability but doesn’t have the resources and know-how, from any Marketing Specialist who inherited a Sustainability Manager’s tasks without the knowledge, to any company willing to enhance its sustainability drive, the Matcha Initiative will provide support.  


Easy and convenient 

Everything you need to know is available all over the place. But the information is scattered, and companies do not have the time or the energy to search and assimilate the massive amount it represents.

Designed as a one-stop platform, for all industries, The Matcha Initiative aims to provide tangible and effective solutions, suppliers’ contact and resources in one single place, to save businesses time, effort and money.  

Each solution has been thoroughly reviewed and rated by a panel of experts.  The team has also kept in mind that the users might not be specialists of the topic, and hence, have created a Toolbox with templates, online calculators, links to reference websites and more. The platform also contains selective topics, and aims tp cover all aspects of sustainability in a company, from corporate governance to supply chain, from procurement to energy efficiency, etc.   


What better than field experience?

TMI’s team reaches out to individuals who actually challenged the status quo in their company. ‘Green Champions’ who implemented initiatives to raise awareness, create opportunities, contribute to more sustainable strategies or inspire other teams, etc. 

They are called ‘Buddies’, as they are here to help the platform users by sharing their past or current experiences and are directly reachable through a Contact button. 


Free access to valuable information

The TMI platform is free to use because the team believes that the knowledge available through it should be accessible to the many. One of the main objectives is to stimulate collaboration, networks, inspiration and change towards more sustainability. The more businesses to benefit from it, the better for the greater good.

TMI is run by volunteers, women and men from various ages and walks of life, who all agreed that something had to be done - so why not here and now?

Let us kickstart your journey! 


The Matcha Initiative is a B2B guide towards sustainability, focused on Singapore businesses. Currently providing 90+ solutions and 100+ listed suppliers, the platform is ever ongoing. Reach out to the team to join the drive. They are also looking for volunteers. 


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