Veldhoen + Company: Remote Working Downloadable tips from our team in Singapore

The COVID-19 pandemics is changing the way we work in our workplace. Teams in the workplace have been either forced to work from home or decided to split teams working alternately from the office and from home for business continuity and they found the idea of not sitting together and not being at the office for ten hours poses quite some challenges. It has become challenging for individual employees, team members, managers and overall leadership.

As leaders of Activity Based Working (which is not the same as remote working, but does assume and encourage that people work from anywhere, at any time with whomever they need to work with in order to do their best work), Veldhoen + Company are pleased to share with you some learnings and tips.

These learning and tips comes in the form of 11 mini newsletters, which you could share with your teams and co-workers, in chronological order. The first 7 newsletters talk about individual productivity while the last 4 talk more about team productivity and connection.

To download the full suite of tips, please go to



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