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Webdrone Tackles Cyber Crimes

The Covid19 pandemic has set up new "playgrounds" and triggered business opportunities for organized and emergent crime (OEC).

In this ever-evolving and sensitive context, Webdrone analysts detect and track these new trends everyday through their e-investigations. 

Recent articles in French newspaper Le Figaro showcased some cases : 

13th March 2020 : #Webdrone solution was mentioned in "Le Figaro Partner" for our support to the banking industry. We detected fake bank websites and social network profiles which collected private and confidential data of the customers to scam them. 



7th February 2020 : Le Figaro newspaper explained the expertise of Webdrone. Our virtual drones investigate with a human cyber investigator logic, we collect the data based on a target to screen the e-environment and wipe out the criminal network. Our clients are Institutions and Private Companies (Luxe, Pharma, F&B, Customer goods...)  


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