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WEBINAR: Understand Evolving Mindsets In Times of COVID-19 and Trends Using AI-Based Real-Time Collaboration

Biswaroop Chatterjee, Director at MetrixLab, discusses longer-term shifts in consumer behaviour accelerated by the crisis.

MetrixLab's focus is to clarify for brands the key actions they can take now to engage with consumers in a positive way, and to identify the longer-term shifts in consumer behaviour that have been accelerated by the crisis.

In this webinar, Biswaroop Chatterjee, Director at MetrixLab, shared case studies that engaged in AI-based real-time collaboration between clients and consumers, social insights and surveys:

  • Through interaction with people (in real-time) to understand their sentiments and behavior during COVID 
  • With collaboration from clients across 7-10 industries who participated real-time in each 1-hour consumer discussion, MetrixLab gleaned interesting insights from 6 different markets who are at different points of the COVID spectrum markets (China, Indonesia, USA, Brazil, UK, Netherlands)
  • Gave insights from the 1st month of MetrixLab's continuous learning program that combines social insights and survey data in 17 markets* to track evolving mindsets and trends, across a large spectrum of categories.

* US, UK, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, China, India, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam

Discussion points:

  • How are feelings, behaviors and needs changing due to the COVID-19 crisis?
  • What are peoples’ hopes and expectations for the future, and which of these changes might be here to stay?
  • What do consumers expect from brand communications, in terms of message and tone?


Thank you to our kind speaker and participants for joining this webinar!


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