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WeLinkTalent receives Gold Award for the Client Experience category from HRM Asia

Recruitment is one that multiple firms find challenging, and thus some may turn to third-party organisations to out-source the hiring process. Organisations that excel in this process are often the ones who consider the differing needs of the organisation and links them up with the best candidates.

When it comes to client experience, Emmanuel White, Co-Founder and CEO of WeLinkTalent has this to describe it in three words, ‘Authentic, Transparent and Result-Driven.’ “I hope this is how our clients have described us,” he said. The organisation, which received Gold in the Best Recruitment Firm-Client Experience at the Readers’ Choice Awards, attributes their win to always finding innovative solutions, and delivering exceptional results. “What sets WeLinkTalent apart is our use of technology to foster stronger relationships with our clients, streamline processes, and provide valuable data,” said White.

“In particular, our ReturnOnTalent SaaS is a standout service that helps organisations retain and engage their employees.” WeLinkTalent’s ReturnOnTalent SaaS is a software solution that helps organisations identify and retain employees. It does this by matching employees’ career objectives to the right internal opportunities, and by predicting employees who are at risk of leaving the organisation.

The organisation always looks to put clients first, going the extra mile to ensure that their clients are satisfied. “We are dedicated to building trust and strong client relationships and leveraging technology to provide valuable services,” concluded White.




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