Event report

Women Entrepreneurs Round Table - Mastermind Group July 2020

Every month, we organise roundtables for Women Entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to present their businesses and challenges

Over lunch hour today, the Women Entrepreneurs - Mastermind group had a virtual catch up about remote business development, recruitment and how to prepare staff for a gradual return to office.

Thank you to Cécile VERRIEZ MARCHE (LouiseM), Emmanuelle Le Strat (E-LE-STRAT Coaching, Training And Facilitation), Maelle Pochat ( Try and Review ), Nathalie White ( WeLinkTalent | Recruitment Innovation), Bérengère Roig ( LPA Singapore), Ariane NABARRO (SINGAPOUR SUR SEINE), Cecile Baur Ayed (Why? Brand Design), Emma Merigneux, MCIPS, PSCMC, CLTD (Optimal Cost) and Amelie POUMAER SAADI!

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