Research & Development

Mission & Objectives

The R&D Committee brings together R&D and R&T (Research & Technology) professionals. This platform allows for information and experience sharing, and aims to give greater exposure and visibility to the French scientific community in Singapore.

French Lab Singapore, an initiative to gather Academic and business research community in Singapore

As part of the French Chamber R&D committee, the French Lab Singapore offers a platform to connect with the French researchers based in Singapore.

To be part of the community, Visit the website and register to our platform. 

To know more about French R&D actors in Singapore. check out the France Singapore Research and Innovation Centres.


Upcoming Events


  • Laurent Fabry - Digital Content Technologies
  • Alexandra Roos -  Essilor
  • Christian Amathieux - Thales Solutions Asia 
  • Dominique Baillargeat - CNRS @Create

Contact: Aurelie Martin


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