Urban Mobility

Smart Urban Mobility brings together interconnected personal transportation solutions that are faster, more flexible, cheaper and greener.

France is a leader in this industry, with many established French companies paving the way for the developments of innovative smart solutions to enhance travel experience in Singapore. 

These companies align with Singapore’s urban development vision and sustainability targets. Through shared expertise, Singapore is able to accelerate the shift from private to public transport and create comfort, reliability and convenience of the public transport system. 

What are the French tech solutions available in Singapore and the region?

Being industry leaders in two categories, green transportation and intelligent transport systems, learn more about how the various French companies have made an impact with their innovative technology. 


1. Public Transportation

Public transportation is one of the biggest mode of transport in Singapore. Various French companies, such as Colas Rail, BlueSG and RATP Dev have tapped into our market and shared innovative solutions to ensure an efficient, clean and safe travel experience for all. Some of these solutions makes better use of the city's existing infrastructure, while others develop new technology curated for our island. Ultimately, all of the solutions enable flexible transit options and helps Singapore to accelerate the urban shift from private to public transport.

2. Personal Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

Personal electric and autonomous vehicles are gaining traction globally, as sustainability becomes a core tenet of most cites. BlueSG, subsidiary of the Bolloré Group, is a pioneer of electric carsharing in Singapore and launched in 2017 with 80 electric cars and 30 charging stations. Being an industry leader, BlueSG paved the way for the development of government guidelines in this niche area. Currently, BlueSG holds the greatest market share in Singapore, with more than 50% of electric cars belonging to the group. 

Case Studies


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