Women in Business

Mission & Objectives

The Women in Business Committee  aims to promote gender diversity, equality, and inclusion within an organization, as well as supporting the advancement of women in various aspects of business.

Some of its key objectives are to:

  • Help women achieve professional and personal success through inspiring talks with key female leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Give women a strong voice in the Singapore business community
  • Create opportunities for women to be successful in future leadership roles through connections, coaching and mentorship opportunities 

The French Chamber encourages its female members holding senior manager position in MNCs to participate in the Business Women Network Committee meetings to provide excellent networking opportunities, address work-life balance concerns and develop useful skill sets.

For Women Entrepreneurs, please check our Women Entrepreneurs Mastermind Club here

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  • Anne TAN - Campari
  • Chloé VIALARD - Shearman & Sterling LLP


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