French Investors Network

A platform for introducing startups and companies to the investors

To broaden its capabilities to fulfil the requirements of its Start-up & Entrepreneur members, next to the existing Business Accelerator Lab, the DUO Mentoring Programme and its existing efforts to introduce outside funding vehicles to entrepreneurs, the French Chamber has set up the French Investors Network.

It is a helpful linking platform dedicated to the small business market for start-ups and entrepreneurs looking for funds and for investors looking for new projects to invest in.

The application is open to

  • all Entrepreneurs and Companies with a existing structure in Asia or a permanent representative in the Region
  • All development Stages
  • No business-type neither sizing restriction
  • all Nationalities
  • French Chamber Members and Non-Member

The French Investors Network is composed of  investors based in Singapore, with expertise in various industries, who are interested in investment opportunities in selected targeted projects (amounts of individual investments estimated between S$10,000 and S$100,000). 

The French Investors Network is open to

  • individuals looking for Investment opportunities
  • minimum investment requirement
  • all Nationalities
  • individual members or employees working with corporate members of the of the French Chamber.

Disclaimer: The Chamber offers its administrative support to this  Network. The Chamber cannot be considered responsible of the investments engaged by the French Investors Network's members. The French Chamber does not invest directly in the projects.


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