Committee Scale-up Workshop

Scale-up workshop #1 - How to win against the big guys?

The French Chamber of Commerce, 541 Orchard Rd, #09-01 Liat Towers, 238881, Singapore
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Ready, Get set, Grow: Unlock your company full potential!

The French Chamber of Commerce offers Startups & Entrepreneurs dedicated Scale-up workshops sessions that will help boost your growth within the ASEAN region!

It is hard to displace the market leader, especially when you can’t buy your way to the top. Those who succeed in disrupting an industry tend not to follow the rules. What if you could solve your growth and market penetration challenge by creating a completely different playbook? One that works to your advantage.

In this session, Joel Cere, Chief Strategy Officer at Hypehack, will help you analyse and practice some of the frameworks and tactics disruptors use to break through, including how to develop an emotionally differentiated proposition, unlocking deep customer insights to solve overlooked pain points, creating radical innovation by seeking inspiration from the outside and differentiating through experience.

This session will benefit SME and start-up leaders, as well as companies that feel that they are plateauing in their industry.

Format: Interactive session with case studies and hands-on exercises using Mural, a platform for creative collaboration:
(Please note that none of your registration datas will be accessible by the facilitator. When participating in the session, you will be asked to choose a username and only this username will be visible to the facilitator and to the others).


  • Roundtable to present your industry and type of services/products.
  • Share the name of your largest competitor (optional) or a company you admire for its success and consider as an example.



  • This event is for entrepreneurs and SMEs members only.
  • Full payment is required upon registration and cannot be refunded
  • Bring your laptop!


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