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Do you know about the V.I.E. international business volunteering?

The V.I.E program allows French companies to entrust a young person, aged between 18 and 28, with a professional mission abroad, for a flexible period of 6 to 24 months.


What are the requirements to be a V.I.E in Singapore?

The V.I.E is open to French nationals, as well as young European Economic Area nationals, who are of the required age and who have fulfilled their national service obligations.

To work in Singapore under a V.I.E, the candidate must obtain a work visa, the most common being the Employment Pass (EP) or the S Pass, which will be sponsored by the Singapore-based employer.

The candidate must then also meet the eligibility conditions specific to the work visa that will be requested for him/her, such as for an EP: a minimum salary (depending on his/her profile and generally higher than the allowance defined by Business France for Singapore), a significant professional experience (generally 3 years minimum - including internships) and a higher education diploma delivered by an institution recognised by the MOM (Bac+5 level recommended) and to be vaccinated against Covid-19.


V.I.E - what are the benefits?

1) A flexible assignment duration that can be adapted to the company's needs, down to the month.

2) A public status for the International Volunteer which exempts the company from any contractual link with the V.I.E. and from any social charges, the V.I.E. also benefiting from an exemption from local taxes.

This status provides the volunteer with a protective framework: the V.I.E is placed under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, which delegates this responsibility to Business France. Business France also takes care of the administrative and legal management, thus relieving the company of personnel management tasks (transfer of allowances paid by the company and social insurance in particular).

3) Full control by the company over the choice of the International Volunteer and his/her operational activity.

4) An attractive cost:

  - which the company can integrate into a BPI prospecting insurance contract (covering the expenses generated by a prospecting action abroad).

  - which can be reduced by regional or departmental aid in favour of SMEs/SMIs (see list of regional aid).

5) Promotes the internationalisation of French companies on foreign markets.

6) The possibility of covering a geographical area (up to 8 countries) with a single volunteer thanks to the "regional V.I.E.".

7) The possibility for the V.I.E to stay in France (up to 182 days for 365 days of assignment).


How can the French Chamber of Commerce assist you in your efforts?

The FCCS offers a turnkey package thanks to our BOOSTER service which includes :

- the creation of a suitable structure (subsidiary, representative office) in Singapore

- the search for candidates for the V.I.E assignment

- the application procedure for a work visa for your V.I.E.

- the reception and support of the volunteer throughout the assignment, the Chamber can be the local administrative manager of the V.I.E (tutor)

- the services of domiciliation of the company and accommodation of the young person in our Business Centre, in a friendly environment in the heart of the Franco-Singaporean business community

But also other complementary services in order to boost your visibility and develop your commercial activity thanks to the events and prospection missions proposed by the FCCS.


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